Industries We Are Manufacturing Productivity For:
Aerospace Tooling
Aerospace Parts
Material Handling
Oil and Gas
Custom Machinery
Lumber / Heavy Industry
Current Projects:

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Boeing - Manufacture automated manipulator tooling for 787 aircraft

Boeing - Manufacture work cell for 787 fuselage assembly

Boeing/Triumph/Spirit Aerospace- machine pressure deck stiffeners and window plugs for 747 aircraft 3 year contract

Boeing - Build and install 2each free standing crane systems for router machines

Boeing - Design, build and install new cranes for Model Shop: 2ea 10ton, 1ea 10ton 1ea 5ton

Terex - Fabricate/Paint equipment racks

O'Neal Steel - Build 10ton single girder crane

Garco Construction - Build 10ton single girder crane

Haskins Company - Build and install 10ton single girder crane

FE&C - Build 10ton double girder crane

Hendricksen Machinery - Build 2ton underhung single girder crane

Masser Farms - Design and build new 2015 Self-Propelled Airhead Harvester

Thorpe/Abbott Properties - Design, build, and install 4ea 50ton hoists for new manufacturing facility

Thorpe/Abbott Properties - Build and install 1each 5ton single leg gantry for machine shop