Industries We Are Manufacturing Productivity For:
Oil and Gas
Material Handling
Lumber / Heavy Industry
Current Projects:
Bechtel National- 2 each 25 Ton top running double girder cranes with 4 each 12.5 Ton hoists 2 on each crane. all directional movement functions will be able to be simultaneously timed and controlled from 1 radio control.

Installing new Union CNC horizontal boring mill into WEMCO facility
Spindle Diameter 5.12”
Y axis Travel 75.52”
X Axis Travel 109.64”
Z Axis Travel 91.38” Full Rotary Table
Spindle W Travel 35.43”
Spindle speed 5-1000 RPM Inf. Variable 67 HP spindle Cat 50

WEMCO - Build and install 20 Ton gantry crane w/ 2 each 10 ton hoists in own facility

Baker Construction- Building 5 ton crane with free standing runway and 1 each 10 ton crane for new Avista building.

Boeing- building 3 each wing automated transport vehicle scissor lifts, as well as retrofitting 7 each.

Boeing/spirit Aerospace- Building wing stringers for 747 aircraft 3 year contract.