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WEMCO Self Propelled Harvester (SPH)

Efficiency. Productivity. Profitability.
Imagine a harvester that moves faster, maneuvers easier, digs deeper and produces fewer bruises than ever before. The WEMCO Self Propelled Harvester does everything you could ask for and then some. Incorporating input from hundreds of growers like you and hours of field observation, WEMCO places the industry's most advanced and efficient digging, cleaning and loading operation at your fingertips. The result: a more efficient, productive, and profitable harvest.

There is no profit in wasted motion, and the SPH takes that to heart. With a sophisticated four-mode steering system, the SPH can get into, around and through a field with precision control and speed. And with WEMCO's Packer Wheel, you save the time and expense of running a separate packer tractor.

The advancements are evident right up front, where the SPH locates all harvesting functions. The operator easily controls every phase of the harvest from inside the climate controlled cab. Growers routinely experience productivity increases up to 30%.

The ultimate goal is to maximize your harvest, and the SPH delivers the goods. A faster, virtually bruise-free conveyor process enables you to gather and preserve more of you valuable crop. Exceptional design features like these give you the quick response and superior handling necessary to preserve and enhance the value of your crop.

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