CMM Inspection

WEMCO is a leader in machining highly complex precision parts. With these complex parts being produced daily WEMCO and our employees understand the need for 100% inspections to ensure part accuracy. The level of validation needed when manufacturing components for customers that supply assemblies to major oil and nuclear power companies with part recovery costs of $2,000,000 or more cannot be taken lightly. We use cutting edge industry technology and the latest in inspection software.

WEMCO’s coordinate measuring machine comes from a company with deep roots in the world of metrology. Our Mitutoyo Crysta Apex-S CNC CMM handles day to day inspection tasks on parts up to 47” in X, 78” in Y, and 39” in Z weighing up to 5,500 pounds with a resolution rating of (0.000004"/0.0001mm) and accuracy of (2.3+3L/1000)µm1 (2.3+4L/1000)µm2. This machine allows WEMCO to validate first articles before production runs begin; it also allows us to continue monitoring the accuracy of expensive production parts at specified intervals during time consuming machining processes.

In today’s modern manufacturing world the use of CMM machines is becoming standard practice, yet some shops don’t have the capital or resource to install a CMM and check first article parts. It is time consuming and the training costs for employees are high. With this in mind WEMCO has structured a new service that is available to perform CMM first article and in-process inspections on parts for other machine shops. Our inspection equipment and reports are traceable to the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST). WEMCO maintains 3rd party calibration records for all our CMM’s exclusively performed by Mitutoyo. These inspection records are completed once a year and are available for customer viewing upon request.  All CMM inspection services are performed by Mitutoyo Certified Operators only.

The Mitutoyo Crysta Apex-S



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