Contract Manufacturing
Why use contract manufacturing and who is it for?

Outsourcing parts manufacturing has never made more fiscal sense. Qualified skilled labor is in high demand and tough to find. Capital is getting harder and harder to acquire after the melt down that launched the December 2007 recession on the US economy. A major investment in the latest manufacturing technology carries with it considerable risk. Manufacturing is no longer a core competency for major engineering companies and other businesses. That’s why they have turned to WEMCO for Engineering & Manufacturing support. WEMCO stands alone in the Pacific Northwest as a resource for any and all of your parts and machine manufacturing needs. We will lower your overall risk, lower your costs per part, and help raise your bottom line to profitable new levels.

On any given day, everything from automated aerospace tooling/equipment, to machined fly away components or cutting mining equipment can be found in production at our Spokane, WA manufacturing complex. Some of these products and equipment are our own designs, other pieces are third party design from around the world. Some customers use WEMCO services to augment their own production capabilities, helping them react to sudden increases in demand. Other customers use WEMCO as there complete Engineering & Manufacturing source.