Crane Rehabilitation

WEMCO’s crane rehabilitation and modernization service is the turn key solution to breathing life into outdated equipment.

Older well built American equipment, in most cases, has re-buildable qualities. With a little help from the WEMCO team, your old crane can have improved operational performance and control, as well as added reliability that you can count on lift after lift. Most rehabilitation improvements will drastically lower maintainenance costs.

WEMCO examines projects on a specialized basis, making personalized retrofitting recommendations that will make your equipment more effective for your current operations. These rehabilitation services include:

  • Electrical control and system updates
  • Hoist rebuild or complete replacement
  • Mechanical system rebuilds
  • Runway extension
  • Capacity upgrades
  • And much more

Any crane, any size, any capacity,

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Completed Projects Resume

Project Name: Avista Little Falls Dam Crane Retrofit and Relocation

Project Location: Little Falls Dam & Long Lake Storage (Nine Mile Falls, WA) 

Owner of Crane : Avista

Completion Date: January 2014

Project Description and Scope: WEMCO was tasked with removing a 33 Ton Demag crane from the Little Falls Dam and relocate to a new location at Long Lake for reinstall and commission including run test and load test. Retrofit of the existing Shepard Niles Crane then commenced in the Little Falls Dam starting with a new 50 Ton / 25 Ton hoist and trolley unit. Engineering and design was performed for the build and installation of new bridge drive mounts to replace the old center drive system with new motors and gear boxes on each end truck. The cab was outfitted with new controls, including a complete new motor control system installed by WEMCO that had VFD drives on each function with a new bridge and hoist panel. WEMCO did extensive inspection, mag particle NDT, and fit testing of all old rivets that the crane was manufactured with originally then composed an engineering report with an analysis of the findings. WEMCO replaced the old walkway with a brand new aluminum walkway system and new electrical wiring. New conductor bar for the power down one side of the runway was also installed.

WEMCO safely accomplished this project in a limited space environment working 50-60 feet in the air over generators.




"I wanted to take a moment and thank Wemco for the excellent job they did on the Little Falls bridge crane.  We have been disassembling unit 3 and the new remote control and drives have been awesome.  The crews told me that it might be the most user-friendly crane Avista has now. Thank you for the hard work you put into the crane.  I attached an action shot of picking the turbines out of unit 3."

Brian Vandenburg, P.E.

Project Manager
Generation & Production