Cranes and Lifting Systems

In the demanding world of high efficiency manufacturing, quality crane and hoisting products that provide peak performance and minimal downtime are essential to effective operations. Every unproductive minute costs you unnecessary time and overhead. WEMCO and their experienced team of representatives recognize this, and have built their business on this simple philosophy. For these reasons, WEMCO has committed itself to becoming the industry leader in crane manufacturing and parts supply of cutting edge crane and hoist components.

WEMCO offers an unmatched maintenance program for all types of cranes and hoists. Our maintenance program is made up of three essential operations.

Complete Crane Contracting - Design, Build & Installation

Make the right call when it comes to cranes or hoists, call WEMCO. They have a three step process that guarantees all customers will receive a crane or hoist that fits his current and future needs. With over three decades of crane manufacturing experience, their experts provide customers with products that fulfill short term goals while allowing the opportunity for future expansion to meet long term goals at a reduced cost. Let them keep you on track with building contractors start to finish allowing for a seamless integration of products and services.

The Process:
  • Step 1: We evaluate the customer's needs
  • Step 2: We explore the customer's reasoning for equipment needs assess future uses
  • Step 3: We analyze the customer's existing plant operation and provide them with a report of potential efficiencies per the addition of WEMCO products and services or retrofitting of current equipment.

Certified Load Testing

We offer on site load testing with Washington state DOT certified crane weights: ¼ ton – 100 ton

Water Bag Load Testing

WEMCO now offers onsite load testing for all types of cranes. We use certified hanging scales and water bags.

For tests:
Up to 250 tons

All tests are performed to CMAA standards meaning we pick 125% of lifting capacity of the crane.

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Electric / Manual Chain and Wire Rope Hoist Repair

WEMCO’s factory trained service technicians have been fixing and troubleshooting all types of hoists for the last three decades.

We offer in-house service as well as on-site service.

  • Electrical and mechanical hoist repairs
  • Factory authorized warranty center for all major brands
  • Parts distributor for all major brands

Below-Hook Equipment




Crane Electrical

Remote Controls Radio & Infrared


Electrification / Components





Crane Types
  • Top Running Single Girder
  • Under Running Single Girder
  • Top Running Double Girder
  • Under Running Double Girder
  • Gantry Crane
  • Single Leg Gantry Crane
  • Floor Mount Jib Crane
  • Wall Mount Jib Crane
  • Free Standing Work Stations
Brands We Represent