AWS D14.1 & WABO Certifications

All of WEMCO's highly skilled welders are AWS D14.1 Unlimited Thickness / 4G positioning certified and carry current WABO certification cards.

WEMCO is a leader in the equipment manufacturing market for Overhead Bridge Cranes, Aerospace Tooling, Concrete Plants and Self Propelled Potato Harvesters. These demanding industries have forged our welding practices and quality control procedures. WEMCO employess take the quality of their work to heart; in turn providing our customers quality fabrication that keeps their equipment running year after year.

Our fabrication facility consists of two 100-ton overhead bridge cranes and a 20ton gantry crane enabling WEMCO to handle jobs of all sizes. We utilize a 150ft x 20ft layout table laser leveled to 0.010" over every 60ft seting WEMCO apart from our competition allowing us to hold tighter tolerances than the competition in fabrication work. These tables lay a solid foundation for every piece of equipment that WEMCO sends into the field.

Our welders are trained in using the proper type and size welding wire and gas combinations for many different welding processes, from hard facing wear parts to making a perfect weld on a piece of structural tube or beam.