Project Management

Project Management as defined by the dictionary is the process and activity of planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources, procedures and protocols to achieve specific goals. WEMCO’s Project Managers exercise the above core competencies in a manner that sets a higher standard for customer satisfaction in every project. All of our PM's are given huge amounts of trust, power, responsibility, and respect. WEMCO Operational Management works hard to always minimize the obstacles in the way of our Project Management team's success.

As a Project Manager, this is very satisfying and empowering, meaning our PM’s are industry leading and tend to take strong ownership of their projects remaining connected to them even years after they are commissioned and fully operational. For a WEMCO customer, these strong PM values ensure that you will always have one point of contact that is up to speed on all aspects of your project. This one person is ultimately responsible for all phases of your equipment’s delivery and is encouraged to get hands on with the entire manufacturing process. It would not be unusual to see one of our Project Managers or Engineers running a Bridgeport, 3D modeling, programming a CNC mill, validating parts on a CMM, wiring a machine, or even taking measurements with our Leica Laser Tracker. It is our niche to make these resources readily available to our team in an effort to earn success in every WEMCO project.

WEMCO, unlike other manufacturers, has integrated engineering and manufacturing into the same complex making it easy for our Project Managers to check designs and engineering in order to facilitate releasing accurate and up-to-date information to the manufacturing floor. It is our dedicated Project Management team and their in depth experience that drives the passion that is visible in each and every WEMCO product. 

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