Service & Inspection

WEMCO offers an unmatched maintenance program for all types of cranes and hoists. Our maintenance program is made up of three essential operations.

  • Inspections
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Repairs


WEMCO encourages all customer preventative maintenance to be done during their annual or bi-annual inspection. This help

As defined by Webster means the “Careful Investigation; and Critical Examination”.

Do not trust your equipment to be looked at by just anybody.

Annual crane inspections are mandatory on all overhead traveling cranes and hoisting equipment as covered by state and federal code.

These mandatory inspections should be performed by a company that specializes in a wide range of crane hoisting component products, as well as someone who understands and can verify the structural integrity of your equipment. They should have factory support, on-site training and be authorized dealers for state-of-the-art overhead crane products and components.

At WEMCO, we consider the inspection phase to be the most critical in our three step maintenance process. It is here that your WEMCO certified technician will create and maintain a personalized file containing your company’s crane and hoisting equipment serial numbers, as well as build a parts and components list to maximize future maintenance and parts procurement efficiency.  Next, our inspectors analyze every inch of your equipment. Starting with the wear items, we double check all of the equipment’s safety features. Inspection of all welded and bolted connections is administered followed by a thorough braking component examination to ensure proper operation. Our certified technicians then remove all covers to inspect for gear wear and load brake functionality, ensuring all adjustable features are set to manufacturer’s specifications. We asses gear boxes and bearings for proper lubrication then clean and re-lube wire ropes and load chains finalizing the inspection within the scope of CMAA specifications.

As you can see WEMCO’s crane system inspections go well beyond the code compliance mandated by state and federal inspection criteria.

Once WEMCO’s certified technicians have completed an Inspection for your company you will receive a detailed report from the tech in writing highlighting the condition and operating state of crane and hoist components.

Preventative Maintenance

WEMCO encourages all customer preventative maintenance to be done during their annual or bi-annual inspection. This helps keep costs for the customer down. Unlike most service companies, WEMCO makes all adjustments to operating mechanisms during your inspection for no additional charge. Please note, various wear items should be replaced when they are nearing the end of their known life cycle, such as bearings, wheels, rollers and chain pocket wheels. Replacing these parts at noted service intervals will further enhance your equipments reliability, reduce down time and eliminate emergency service calls.

Have a proactive preventative maintenance plan for your equipment, increase reliability and improve safety ensuring your equipment is being properly maintained to factory specifications by calling WEMCO today.


WEMCO understands that the cost of downtime continues to be the single greatest loss of production efficiency. So when an EMERGENCY break down happens our team will combat it with a sense of urgency that is unparalleled in the industry.

Our three decade reputation has been built on restoring your company’s equipment to full production and working order as quickly as possible because we value your company’s success. Superior troubleshooting capabilities ensure quick turnaround time so your equipment can be returned to tip top shape. WEMCO technicians are factory trained by most major manufacturers including, Shaw-Box, CM, Yale, Harrington Hoist, Budget Hoist, Coffing, Ingersoll-Rand, Acco, Chester, G-Force, Detroit Hoists, Stahl, R&M, P & H controls. For most major manufacturers listed above WEMCO is a registered warranty repair expert.

24 Hour Emergency Repair available 7 days a week


Emergency Phone: 509-991-5194