Did you know OSHA requires cranes and rigging to be inspected every year?

Inspection Services

Certification of Crane Operators
NCCCO Certified
Crane & Hoist Inspectors

Crane Inspection

OSHA requires annual crane inspection in addition to the daily checks completed by the operator. Annual inspection includes evaluation of everything from the motors, brakes, controls, bearings, all the way down to the rail sweeps and end stops.

Rail Inspection

The Crane Manufacturers Association of America has developed specific guidelines for rail alignment to improve safety, tracking, and overall wear of crane components. By checking the rail joints, span, and wear patterns, corrections can be made to achieve proper alignment.

Rigging Inspection

We perform rigging inspection on chain slings, master links, hooks, and shackles. We can also inspect your wire mesh or synthetic slings. Our rigging inspectors will also provide cost-effective recommendations for money-saving repairs or high-quality replacements on any damaged rigging.

Maintenance & Repairs

Rehabilitation & Upgrades

Improve performance and safety with hoist repair or replacement, control system updates, or rail replacement. WEMCO leads the industry in providing upgrades and repairs with a commitment to reducing your downtime.

Troubleshooting & Repair

Our technicians have the knowledge and experience to troubleshoot any issue with your crane. From simple fuse replacement to complete rehabilitation, we have the tools to get your equipment working right!

Repair, Rebuild, Replace

Need for increased capacity

Frequency and severity of repairs

Age and condition of equipment

Level of maintenance in its life

Availability of parts or services

Return on investment

Preventative maintenance is proven to extend equipment life.