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The engineering staff at WEMCO has an unprecedented approach to fully integrated design. They understand that no matter how innovative a design is, it will never be effective if it can’t be built. Our engineers work in the shop and in the field to gain hands-on experience during every stage of product realization. When sourcing components, they consider cost, product quality, and the likelihood of replacement in the future. They know that if a component fails, they may be the one that’s called to replace it. By working with fabricators and machinists, they learn to design each part with consideration for manufacturing hours, tolerance stack up, and access for inspection. During project assembly, our engineers participate in phases like wiring, so they know what needs to be on their electrical drawings. They pull wires through conduit, so they’ll consider the number of bends they call for. They participate in commissioning and testing to ensure that every specification of their design is met. Our engineers aren’t just good at math calculations. They know what it takes to build high-quality equipment because they’ve done it.