Lucky Peak Dam 250 Ton Gate Hoists

Design, build, and install two 200 ton emergency gate hoists & remove existing emergency gate hoists and machinery.

Lucky Peak Dam is located on the Boise River. These hoists are used to lift the emergency gates in the powerhouse. The building is only accessible from a long narrow bridge and the entire installation was completed through the small opening seen in this photo.

Original Hoist from the 1950’s
New Hoist Installation – 2020

The hoists were designed, manufactured, and tested at the WEMCO facility prior to shipping. After load testing was completed, the hoists were disassembled so each part would fit through the slots for the installation. Once each part was through the slot, the hoists were rebuilt again for use in the powerhouse.

Each hoist was load tested to 125% of the rated capacity which meant picking and holding 250 tons. 250 tons is equal to half a million pounds or one thousand Ford F-150 trucks!